Will Pilates Help my Low back pain?

An estimated 8 in 10 Americans will be affected by low back pain.

EHF Pilates passion is to help our clients re-educate their neuromuscular connection by teaching proper muscle recruitment using biofeedback and visualization. By creating better movement efficiency with more functional movement patterns, increased flexibility and greater core strength, we have had great success in reducing low back pain and discomfort in most clients.

When core muscles are weak, the body recruits alternate muscles to “come to the rescue” and take over allowing over-stressed muscles to “take-a-break”. Although this is an impressive way for the body to protect itself from immediate and chronic injury, it often causes alternate pain over time, usually in the form of low back pain. This is especially true when there is no diagnosed injury or trauma to the area.

There are, of course, cases where core stability and spinal mobility may not be advised or reduce low back pain. Known or diagnosed medical issues and injuries such as spondololithesis, degenerative disk disease, herniated disks and others may be exacerbated by exercise.  For any of these conditions we require a physicians or physical therapists signed release. If your physician or medical professional has advised not to exercise, then please head their advice and wait until you receive an approval.