About PSC Teacher Training

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The Cutting Edge Approach to Pilates Teacher Training.  Pilates Sports Center offers a contemporary approach to the method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s; one that preserves the essence of the original technique but incorporates today’s knowledge and principles. Small class sizes and high contact hours with review and anatomy provided at our studio with PSC Master Trainer Natalie Walker at EHF Pilates in Carlsbad, CA 760-271-4597 (call or text). Receive a $200 discount and 6 FREE classes on your total tuition for the full course when your submit your application and deposit 1 week prior to course start.

  • Full Course – All modules:  (Deposit of $500) $6,300.00

    Modular program available – pay as you attend

    •  Private Comprehensive Course: $9,100  – (Deposit of $500) – Only you and your Master Trainer… flexible schedule, course days and times scheduled with student and MT. Please inquire.
    •  Modular options $100 deposit each module required at least 1 week prior to the first day of the module. Fundamentals required for all.
    • Payment for individual or modular courses are as follows:
      • Fundamentals  1 week – $300 (min. 2 weeks prior) Enroll here
        • Pilates Mat 3 weeks $1200 (Deposit of $100 – min. 2 weeks prior) Enroll here
        • Reformer 6 weeks $2400 (Deposit of $200 – min. 2 weeks priorEnroll here
        • Trap Table 3 weeks $1200 (Deposit of $100 – min. 2 weeks priorEnroll here
        • Chair 2 weeks $1200 (Deposit of $100 – min. 2 weeks priorEnroll here
        • Barrels 1 week $400 (Deposit of $100 – min, 2 weeks prior) Enroll here
        • Full Program with Barrels available for $6,300, without barrels $5,900 save $300 off Modular price.

    Contact Natalie at natalie@ehfpilates.com for more info!

Note: our Modular course fee options total $5,900 (additional $450 for barrels) for the comprehensive program (which is now required by the PMA  to sit for the exam).  If you intend to receive your comprehensive certificate the comprehensive program course payment option is more cost-effective ($400 discount). If you are interested in only one course the modular option is best.

EHF Pilates offers a 3 installment plan for the comprehensive program, split into 3 equal payments.($100 additional processing fee applies to the total cost – $6,400)

Deposit of $500, signed and completed application and acceptance into the program is required 2 week prior to start date to qualify for our payment plan and to receive your book on the first day of class.

Students will learn the Classical and Progressive approach to Pilates all in one program using a beautiful, organized photographic manual. Our instructors are successful, sought after and return to us for continued workshops year after year. Upon completion of your Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program, you will be prepared to take the PMA Pilates Certification™ exam if you desire.

This Comprehensive 450+ hour course includes:

136+ classroom hours

75 Apprentice hours (Observation & apprenticeship)

100 hours Practice teaching

40 Self Integration hours

45 Client Assessment Programming project hours

25 Anatomy Thesis project

15 hours additional Pilates professional Observation hours

30 prerequisite hours of Pilates instruction with a qualified instructor required

(more detail below)

Each student will learn:
•    Fundamental Pilates principles and philosophies

•    Client assessment and alignment protocol

•    Anatomy and biomechanics taught using visual aids in an interactive

•    Pilates Mat / Reformer / Cadillac / Chair Repertoire / Barrels

•    Small apparatus skills utilizing the jump board, magic circle, rotating discs, balance/wobble board, foam rollers, Therabands and balls

•    Classical and Progressive Pilates styles with modifications and variations

•    Creative training and program development skills for any level of

•    Medical anatomical terminology

•    Verbal and tactile cueing skills

•    Attitude, confidence and composure of a professional instructor

•    Studio etiquette and equipment safety

•    Ethics and scope of practice

•    Understanding indications and contraindications for specific injuries/dysfunctions and special circumstances

  • Graduates will meet the criteria for, and be prepared to take the National Pilates Certification Program exam.

•30+ documented hours of well-rounded Pilates instruction with a Qualified Pilates Instructor. (PSC Host Studio will offer you a Student Discount to complete) Completed Application and deposit Personal Liability Insurance if practicing in your Host Studio
Assessment Based Certificate/Diploma issued upon completing all course requirements including, but not limited to:

    • 136 hours of Classroom Experience with a PSC Master Trainer Natalie Walker
    • 75 hours of Observation/Apprenticeship: Observation (50)/Apprenticeship (25) of/with a qualified instructor
    • 100 hours of Practice Teaching/Charting with classmates/friends etc.
    • 40 hours of Self Integration (additional Pilates private, semi private or mat class experience with qualified instructor)
    • 45 hours Client Assessment and Programming Project – assignment
    • 25 hours of an Anatomy Thesis Project – assignment
    • 15 hours Pilates Professional Video/DVD Observation
  • Passing scores on quizzes, tests, practical exams and projects.
  • Our comprehensive program is taught in a 18-week format. You will meet 2X week for 4 hours each class = 136 hours of classroom time.

Requirements are different for Mat only or any Modular Course:

  • 20 hours of Observation/Apprenticeship (5 hrs) of/with a qualified instructor
  • 25 hours of Practice Teaching/Charting with classmates/family/friends etc.
  • 10 hours of Self Integration (additional Pilates private, semi private or mat class experience with qualified instructor)
  • 12 hours Client Assessment and Programming Project – assignment
  • 5 hours Pilates Professional Video/DVD Observation •    Passing scores on tests, practical exams and projects

Please note the price increase for individual modules. EHF Pilates encourages completing the comprehensive program and gives a price incentive to participate in the Comprehensive Program.

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